So what does the day look like?

ylc 2019 IS HAPPENING SATURDAY APRIL 27TH, 2019! for information on location and travel click here.




We'll be starting the day off with breakfast, a great first chance to get to know your team mates for the day a little better.

team builders 9-10am 

After being paired into your groups for the day during breakfast, YLC team building activities will help you focus on establishing important team-based leadership skills that will be especially helpful for later activities in the day.

the crunch 10-1pm

After team builders, we'll be visiting nearby Wildplay Elements Park to take part in a challenge involving four levels of increasingly difficult obstacle courses. Get ready to work hands-on with your team mates in an activity based entirely on team work, camaraderie and sportsmanship.


LUNCH 1-2pm

After the crunch, we'll be headed back to the lodge for lunch; a valuable time for team reflection on the day so far!

community panel AND CLOSING CEREMONY 2-6pm

Based on our 2019 prompt; released well in advance to the challenge, your team of five will be assigned three hours to collectively brainstorm and present possible solutions for the prompt. Following your presentation, our community dialogue panel will help build a conversation around the many aspects of your proposal, providing feedback and ways to expand your ideas into practical real world solutions! YLC will end off with the presentation of the YLC Victory Cup to the 1st place team and closing remarks.