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At the heart of the YLC is our community panel presentation, a team-based activity focused on building solutions for community issues. Teams of five will have to produce a well thought out presentation representing their solution for a community issue. Each year, our team will select one relevant community topic, based on suggestions from our applicants; collected through our initial application process. The topic selected will serve as a prompt for all participants to build their presentation on. The activity is a way for young leaders to materialize the ideas and opinions they've wanted to share through direct interaction with policymakers from every level of government.

The panel presentation is a space for creativity, conversation, empowerment and action. It values teamwork, originality, feasibility and communication. To help better visualize measurable outcomes from their efforts, our community dialogue panel, including policy makers and politicians, will be asked to share progress on the implementation of the winning team's suggestions. More than anything, the activity is a space for essential conversations on relevant social issues; our attempt to create a new channel of dialogue for youth-driven change.