Director - Ravinder Safaya

Ravinder Safaya is an accomplished Senior International Trade Executive with more than 30 years of success in conducting global trade. He sucessfully mentors and coaches youth in developing their experiential leadership skills through non-profit organizations he founded, and serving as a Board member of a national organization. Ravinder migrated to Canada in 1989 after working for over five years in Indonesia as a project manager, and subsequently export sales manager covering Middle Eastern markets. Since then he is engaged in exports of pulp and paper from North America to Asia, M East, Africa, and South America. He has worked in Montreal, Boston, Rhode Island and finally establishing his base in Coquitlam, BC as a self-employed international trade executive. He has executed trade valued at over US$1 billion, traveled extensively in the region forming long-lasting relationships and continues to do so. Ravinder is passionate about youth leadership development and is actively engaged in offering new innovative leadership programs. He also serves on the Board of a national Student Leadership Association and chairs its finance committee.


Lead Project Developer + COORDINATOR - Neor Tiku

Neor Tiku is a 3rd year Political Science student currently studying at the University of British Columbia. He has completed Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program and graduated from YLSBC’s Leadership Program. He also is an alumni of Canadian Student Leadership Association having attended a national leadership conference in Halifax in 2015.  Neor has exemplified his leadership skills through community work he does on regular basis. He founded Connect Vancouver Foundation, which for the past four years has helped connect Vancouver's marginalized with free phones and phone service connecting them with a lifeline to safety, harm-reduction and upward mobility out of the cycle of poverty. Neor believes that grassroots, youth-led movements are testaments to the power of youth led change we need to secure a better future. Neor is a strong advocate for increasing youth engagement in the community and hence he is a driving force behind YLSBC’s Youth Leadership Challenge 2019.



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